The Virtual MedTech Conference offers specialized sessions that examine the technologies that are shaping present-day diagnostics and their implications for patient care.

Below are just a few of the Diagnostics sessions that were offered at The MedTech Conference in 2019. The 2020 conference program will be available early this summer.

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Using Data and Analytics to Demonstrate the Value of Diagnostics

Applying sophisticated analytics to large clinical and claims databases can generate evidence demonstrating the value of diagnostics. This evidence can in turn be leveraged in market access, maximizing sales and marketing, manufacturing, research and clinical development. Building off of the AdvaMedDx Framework for Comprehensive Assessment of the Value of Diagnostic Tests to guide evidence development, this session showcased two use cases — oncology and sepsis — generated through data analytics to reinforce the value of diagnostics for patient health and health care. 

The Role of Diagnostics in Promoting the Health and Health Care of Women 

Diagnostic testing is critical at every stage of a woman’s life. From reproductive health to heart health, diagnostic tests give health care providers the ability and confidence to make appropriate health prevention, management and treatment decisions for women. This session explored how diagnostic tests have enabled researchers to uncover the significant biological and physiological differences between men and women and the progress being made to address the range of conditions and diseases that exclusively, disproportionately or differently affect women. 

New Diagnostic Technologies are Transforming Testing

Emerging and innovative new technologies in diagnostics are advancing at a tremendous pace — transforming how providers and patients manage health. The session examined and showcased new diagnostic technologies that are creating opportunities for clinical laboratories and physicians to make faster, more accurate diagnoses. 

Personalized Medicine: Changing the Way We Think About, Identify and Manage Health 

Personalized medicine is the ability to tailor medical treatment to reduce side effects and improve outcomes based on understanding the genetic makeup of an individual patient. Advances in molecular diagnostics and other diagnostic technologies, including data analytics, are the drivers that allow individualizing treatments to become reality. This session featured leaders from diagnostic companies and drug developers whom discussed the advances, challenges and future of personalized medicine. 

Articulating the Value of Diagnostics: Moving Towards Value Based Approaches

The term “value” in health care has been difficult to define, yet stakeholders – from diagnostic test developers, to payers, to hospitals and health systems – are constantly seeking high value products and services that improve health outcomes for patients in clinical and cost-effective ways. However, the ability to define value is critical, particularly as the health care world moves toward more value based approaches to care delivery and reimbursement. This panel presented a range of perspectives on defining value, developing clinical evidence to support value claims and contemplated value based approaches for diagnostics.

Leadership Views on Diagnostics 

CEOs of leading diagnostics companies from the AdvaMedDx Board of Directors shared perspectives on the opportunities they see for future innovation and growth in the field and the policy and market changes that must be altered or embraced to ensure advancement.