Legal & Global Compliance

No matter the size or sector, all medical technology companies must address critical legal, health care and global compliance issues.

Below are just a few of the Legal & Health Care/Global Compliance sessions offered at The MedTech Conference this year.

The MedTech Conference features programming that addresses the most pressing legal and compliance developments medtech professionals need to stay up to speed. Click here to view the full conference program.

AdvaMed’s New Code of Ethics: Is Your Company Prepared to Comply?

AdvaMed recently released its updated Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals, which will take effect on January 1, 2020. The updated Code introduces four new topics critical for medical technology companies: Jointly Conducted Education and Marketing Programs, Communicating for the Safe & Effective Use of Medical Technology, Consigned Products and Company Representatives Providing Technical Support in the Clinical Setting.
Will your company need to adopt new policies to reflect the Code’s new sections, notably those relating to communications, technical support and joint programs? Are your company’s Industry codes in compliance? This discussion will feature industry experts that will offer practical tips to get into compliance with only a quarter of the year left to prepare.

Health Care Fraud: The Government View and the Compliance Perspective

In the last several years, government scrutiny of the health care industry has significantly increased, with 2018 bringing the largest health care enforcement action in the Department of Justice’s history. Medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, health care providers, insurers, and other players in the industry have been paying close attention and ramping up compliance efforts to ensure they are not the subject of the next big enforcement action.
This panel will bring together current and former prosecutors to discuss hot topics at the intersection of government enforcement and industry compliance. Speakers, including the acting chief of the nation’s most active enforcement authority in health care cases, will cover the government’s enforcement priorities in the health care industry — from drug pricing and reimbursement to opioid diversion.
Attendees will also hear the unique insights of former prosecutors who now handle compliance for health care organizations. They will discuss the issues keeping them up at night and how their organizations are responding, including providing practical advice that attendees can apply to their own compliance function.

Everyone Knows Health Care Is DOJ’s Favorite Target; What Does That Mean for MedTech Executives?

Unfortunately, it’s become abundantly clear that health care has become DOJ’s favorite target. Recent policy pronouncements and enforcement trends indicate an important shift to the ways in which companies, their management, and their board members need to handle investigations and compliance. This panel will explore very recent DOJ enforcement rulings, trends and policy pronouncements with the goal of providing valuable take-away lessons/information that addresses best practices for companies, executives and board member intent on avoiding, if not surviving, a DOJ investigation.