Travel & Housing

At this time, the designated conference housing has reached capacity. For your convenience we have added a self-service, housing search engine feature to the registration form. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Beware of Hotel Scams

Past attendees, exhibitors and member companies are being targeted by unauthorized vendors to solicit hotel reservations for The MedTech Conference in Boston. These unscrupulous firms have not been authorized to handle housing and are not affiliated with The MedTech Conference in any way.

There are certain travel companies that the convention industry commonly refers to as “housing poachers” or “housing pirates.” They frequently misrepresent themselves by claiming to be the housing provider for a given conference or trade show. Poachers may not deliver the promised reservations, and may only wish to obtain your personal information. Always be careful about providing your personal details.

All housing for The MedTech Conference will be handled exclusively by Showcare, our official housing provider.