Affiliated Events

Review guidelines and submit a request.

AdvaMed welcomes affiliated organizations, sponsors, exhibitors, and media to convene and host functions during approved dates and times in conjunction with The MedTech Conference, October 15-17, 2024 in Toronto, Canada. 

All organizations and individuals seeking meeting space must submit an affiliate request form and receive approval before promoting their affiliated event. Priority is given to sponsors and exhibitors of The MedTech Conference. Affiliated events are subject to scheduling and availability, and may require rental or administration fees.

Affiliate Event Details

What is an affiliate event?

An affiliate event is any meeting or gathering held in conjunction with The MedTech Conference by an organization other than AdvaMed. Participants from organizations hosting affiliated events must be registered for The MedTech Conference. All affiliate events must receive approval from us, regardless of the meeting location.

Affiliate events are included, but not limited to:

  • Exhibitor or sponsor meetings
  • Member meetings
  • Social networking events
  • Alumni event
  • Staff and sales meetings
  • Committee and board meetings
  • Disclosure meetings as required by the U.S. SEC
Are there any restricted activities?

In general, the following activities are not permitted:

  • External education/company presentation/scientific programs
  • Content resembling existing education at The MedTech Conference
  • Satellite symposia
  • CME or SLE programs
  • Distribution of promotional material (e.g. fliers, room drops)
  • Sales presentations and equipment demonstrations (which should only be conducted in your booth space in The MedTech Campus).
  • The MedTech Conference strictly forbids outboarding and suitcasing, which is the act of soliciting business in the aisles during the exhibition or in other public spaces by non-exhibiting or sponsoring companies, including using another company’s booth or lobby spaces.
What are the general guidelines?
  1. Submit an official request and receive approval prior to promotion and implementation of the event.
  2. Do not overlap with designated The MedTech Conference programming. Please refer to the event program for details.
  3. Pay for all associated event costs (food and beverage, av, room rental, etc.) and use the official vendors of The MedTech Conference for all activities hosted at official event venues.
  4. Promotional materials must not imply official endorsement by The MedTech Conference or that the event is part of the official activities of the conference.
  5. Once approved, affiliate event organizers will receive an official logo for marketing purposes and may request inclusion in our conference schedule.
  6. Signage is permitted directly outside the meeting room one hour before the event and must be removed immediately after.
  7. Signage is not permitted in the hotel lobby or public areas except for directional signage provided by the venue.
What is the deadline to submit?

The deadline to submit an affiliated event form is Thursday, September 12, 2024.