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With a carefully crafted program featuring more than 100 sessions, there’s no better place to hear perspectives and gain valuable insight into today’s and tomorrow’s medtech industry trends. Attendees can expect dynamic conversations focused on key topics, including artificial intelligence in health care, emerging regulatory and reimbursement pathways, the ways in which M&A activity is impacting health care delivery and wearable innovations for chronic condition management.

By examining the critical industry issues and opportunities in every facet of our field, we’ll enhance our ability to deliver solutions for the world’s ever-evolving health care needs.

2024 Lifetime Achievement Award Nominations Now Open!

AdvaMed’s Lifetime Achievement Award honors the accomplishments of pioneers in the medical technology sector whose contributions have had a profound impact on patients’ lives and the industry as an essential part of America’s economy. The 2024 program will include the presentation of this prestigious award.
Please review award criteria and nominate a candidate by April 10.

Program Highlights

Panel Sessions

Panels cover a range of topics including digital robotics, AI, M&A, sustainability and critical supply chain issues.

Conference Panel Session
Conference Keynote Session

Plenary Sessions

High-profile speakers from medtech and beyond take the big stage at The MedTech Conference to offer insights and inspiration.

MedTech Campus Programming

The bustling medtech campus features three presentation stages that host small company pitches, innovative solution demonstrations, our wildly popular CEOs Unplugged series and more.

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Man pitching onstage with a panel

Investor Forum

This is where medtech innovators can connect with qualified members of the investment community to discuss their promising new ventures. The comprehensive conference program, one-on-one partnering and networking events are also open to participating investors.

Online Community and Partnering System

Whether you’re participating remotely or simply wish to watch a session you missed on demand, our online community and partnering system features a variety of content available for viewing at your leisure.


Explore the Key Session Topics

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Covers the medtech industry’s current performance, funding and investment trends, strategic partnerships, commercialization models, and key policy decisions driving success in medtech. The content of these sessions is relevant for all medtech startups, small and established company executives, corporate and business development leaders, angels, family offices, VCs, and private equity investors, investment banks, and others in the financial community.   

Dedicated to exploring the transformative impact of digital innovations in the medical technology sector. Attendees can expect a focused exploration of how cutting-edge digital technologies are reshaping patient care, improving outcomes, and driving advancements in the medtech landscape. 

Prioritizes conversations on a healthcare system that promotes optimal health outcomes for all patients regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, locality, or socioeconomic status and includes conversation regarding the need for a more inclusive workforce to design and develop the products that patients receive. Sessions cover topics such as equitable access to health care technologies for all patients, and workforce diversity.  

Explores the cutting-edge technologies shaping the landscape of diagnostic medicine by bringing together clinicians, researchers, and industry professionals. Attendees can expect robust discussions aiming to foster diagnostics innovations, embrace scientific advances, and ensure swift access to accurate and reliable tests for all patients.   

Addresses global perspectives, challenges, and opportunities within the medical technology sector. Covers insights into navigating the complexities of operating in diverse international markets, understanding regulatory landscapes, and fostering cross-border partnerships. Whether you’re an international business executive, a policymaker, or a global health expert, this track provides a platform to explore the interconnected nature of the medtech industry on a global scale.  

Provides valuable insights into the legal intricacies shaping the medtech sector by gathering legal professionals, compliance experts, and industry leaders and executives.  Sessions provide in-depth discussions on navigating complex legal landscapes, maintaining regulatory compliance, and understanding the legal implications of innovations in medtech.  

Examines the dynamics of bringing medical technologies to market, securing payment mechanisms, and optimizing health care delivery. Industry leaders, policy makers, payers, and health care professionals discuss the complexities of market access, understanding payment structures, and leveraging innovative approaches to enhance the overall delivery of health care services.  

Discusses the development and implementation of technological initiatives and tools aimed at actively involving patients in their health care journey; leveraging medtech to create strategies, applications, platforms, and systems that enhance patient empowerment and overall participation in their care.

Focuses on the regulatory and quality aspects shaping medtech for those involved in regulatory affairs, quality management, or manufacturing. Attendees can expect in-depth discussions including FDA and industry leaders on navigating regulatory landscapes, ensuring product quality and safety, and implementing robust manufacturing processes.  

Analyzes the intricate web of activities involved in the production, distribution, and management of medical technology products. Supply chain professionals and industry experts will explore topics such as logistics, procurement, inventory management, and the integration of advanced technologies in supply chain processes.  

The industry landscape  is evolving rapidly, and the importance of diversity and inclusion cannot be overstated. These sessions will explore the critical significance of fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, best practices, and the tangible benefits of diverse teams in driving groundbreaking technological advancements, and designing inclusive healthcare solutions.

Hear from Some of our Past Speakers

Call for Sessions FAQs

Submitters received an email on Friday, May 17, 2024 from [email protected] with the status of your submission.

The MedTech Conference program proposal process is highly competitive.  The Program Committee will review hundreds of proposals to select approximately 45-55 total panel sessions.