2024 Call for Sessions

Thank you to everyone who submitted session proposals for this year’s MedTech Conference. Our program committee will now start the exciting journey of reviewing your submissions. Please mark your calendars, as submitters will receive notification regarding proposal decisions on Friday, May 17th. We look forward to the opportunity to showcase your work and thank you once again for your participation during this process.

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Seize Your Moment in the MedTech Spotlight: The stage is set for you to lead the charge in medtech innovation. Make your mark by submitting your session for the upcoming 2024 MedTech Conference. Submissions kick off on January 9, 2024, but don’t wait – the window closes February 23, 2024.

Ready to get started? We’ve organized a quick guide to streamline your submission process. We highly recommend utilizing this guide to thoughtfully draft your responses and perfect your proposal before submission.

  1. Review the Call for Session Procedures and Guidelines
  2. Download the Session Proposal Template for efficient proposal planning
  3. Submit your Session Proposal(s

Interested in Reviewing Session Proposals?

We are currently accepting applications to join the 2024 Program Committee.

Explore the Key Session Topics

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Covers the medtech industry’s current performance, funding and investment trends, strategic partnerships, commercialization models, and key policy decisions driving success in medtech. The content of these sessions is relevant for all medtech startups, small and established company executives, corporate and business development leaders, angels, family offices, VCs, and private equity investors, investment banks, and others in the financial community.   

Dedicated to exploring the transformative impact of digital innovations in the medical technology sector. Attendees can expect a focused exploration of how cutting-edge digital technologies are reshaping patient care, improving outcomes, and driving advancements in the medtech landscape. 

Prioritizes conversations on a healthcare system that promotes optimal health outcomes for all patients regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, locality, or socioeconomic status and includes conversation regarding the need for a more inclusive workforce to design and develop the products that patients receive. Sessions cover topics such as equitable access to health care technologies for all patients, and workforce diversity.  

Explores the cutting-edge technologies shaping the landscape of diagnostic medicine by bringing together clinicians, researchers, and industry professionals. Attendees can expect robust discussions aiming to foster diagnostics innovations, embrace scientific advances, and ensure swift access to accurate and reliable tests for all patients.   

Addresses global perspectives, challenges, and opportunities within the medical technology sector. Covers insights into navigating the complexities of operating in diverse international markets, understanding regulatory landscapes, and fostering cross-border partnerships. Whether you’re an international business executive, a policymaker, or a global health expert, this track provides a platform to explore the interconnected nature of the medtech industry on a global scale.  

Provides valuable insights into the legal intricacies shaping the medtech sector by gathering legal professionals, compliance experts, and industry leaders and executives.  Sessions provide in-depth discussions on navigating complex legal landscapes, maintaining regulatory compliance, and understanding the legal implications of innovations in medtech.  

Examines the dynamics of bringing medical technologies to market, securing payment mechanisms, and optimizing health care delivery. Industry leaders, policy makers, payers, and health care professionals discuss the complexities of market access, understanding payment structures, and leveraging innovative approaches to enhance the overall delivery of health care services.  

Discusses the development and implementation of technological initiatives and tools aimed at actively involving patients in their health care journey; leveraging medtech to create strategies, applications, platforms, and systems that enhance patient empowerment and overall participation in their care.

Focuses on the regulatory and quality aspects shaping medtech for those involved in regulatory affairs, quality management, or manufacturing. Attendees can expect in-depth discussions including FDA and industry leaders on navigating regulatory landscapes, ensuring product quality and safety, and implementing robust manufacturing processes.  

Analyzes the intricate web of activities involved in the production, distribution, and management of medical technology products. Supply chain professionals and industry experts will explore topics such as logistics, procurement, inventory management, and the integration of advanced technologies in supply chain processes.  

The industry landscape  is evolving rapidly, and the importance of diversity and inclusion cannot be overstated. These sessions will explore the critical significance of fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, best practices, and the tangible benefits of diverse teams in driving groundbreaking technological advancements, and designing inclusive healthcare solutions.

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Friday, May 17, 2024. Submitters will receive an email from [email protected].

The MedTech Conference program proposal process is highly competitive.  The Program Committee will review hundreds of proposals to select approximately 45-55 total panel sessions.

Friday, February 23, 2024 at 11:59pm PT.  Extensions will not be granted. 

Friday, May 17, 2024. Submitters will receive an email from [email protected].

The MedTech Conference program proposal process is highly competitive.  The Program Committee will review hundreds of proposals to select approximately 45-55 total panel sessions.

More information about The MedTech Conference tracks can be reviewed above. We are particularly interested in cross-cutting sessions that resonate with multiple audience types and/or sessions that speak to high-level/executive level audiences. Additional resources: 

The proposal submitter will serve as the primary point of contact for all communication from AdvaMed regarding the status of the submission.  Should the session be accepted,  an alternative individual may assume the role of session organizer.  Please see Session Organizer Roles and Responsibilities for more information.  

Each organization may submit up to four (4) proposals. Please make every effort to communicate internally within your organization regarding the number of proposals being submitted. 

AdvaMed encourages elements of audience engagement including but not limited to: Q&A, polling, video etc. Please describe your session format in detail in your proposal. 

All sessions should include more than one (1) speaker and no more than four (4) speakers. 

Other than relevant government agencies, (FDA/CMS) no more than one (1) speaker from the same organization should be proposed. Proposals with speakers from the same organization will not score favorably.

Proposals absent speaker details (name/title/company) will not score favorably.  It is important that the speakers proposed can be reasonably confirmed by the session organizer should the session be selected. If you do not know your proposed speakers’ contact information, please provide as much information as possible.  Note: AdvaMed does not share speaker contact information submitted through the Call for Sessions. 

Informal communication with potential speakers is acceptable; however, speaker confirmation is contingent upon receiving feedback from AdvaMed should your proposal be accepted by the Program Committee. Until you receive notification that your session has been accepted/additional instructions from AdvaMed, please do not invite your proposed speakers.

We’re Eager to Hear from You!

Your unique perspectives, knowledge, and enthusiasm are what makes this conference special, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to the table! Remember, the deadline to submit your proposals is February 23, 2024. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this exciting opportunity.