What Is Your Digital Data Strategy?

What Is Your Digital Data Strategy?

by Gerry Bannister, FNP, Senior Advisor, IDNs, InterSystems

Most MedTech companies are looking for the best approach to access, manage and leverage data – in an environment of ever-increasing data volume and complexity.

What if you have a great idea or device that can revolutionize healthcare or deliver best of breed functionality? How can you get it to market quickly and prove its efficacy? The challenges are multi-faceted, but they begin with a digital strategy that includes a technology platform to foster agility, and a healthy data pipeline. Healthy data is comprehensive and robust, without duplicate records, missing information, formatting errors, incorrect information, or mismatched terminology.

As you think about the right digital strategy to power your vision, consider these questions:

  • Do you already have an integrated strategy including interoperability, data governance, and analytics?
  • Can you seamlessly connect device and clinical data, including EMR data?
  • Are you easily consuming and aggregating data in any format, in real-time?
  • Is data standard transformation, such as HL7® and FHIR®, built into your data management system?
  • Do you have a native FHIR repository readily available for building new applications, and exchanging data for SMART on FHIR applications?
  • How much time are your data scientists spending on data management?
  • Do you need multiple information systems for advanced analytics, ML and AI?
  • Is siloed data across affecting efficiency across your enterprise?
  • How are you creating real-world evidence and identifying patient cohorts needed for value-based care?
  • Does your technology support efficient, timely post-market surveillance?

What if you could address all of this on a single platform?

The right technology platform provides agility for quickly responding to changing regulatory requirements and evolving business needs – all while delivering the clean data your teams require to fuel the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that help deliver actionable insights and keep your business moving forward. InterSystems IRIS for Healthoffers the world’s first and only data platform specifically engineered to extract value from healthcare data, in any format. As a cloud-capable platform for building high-performance, machine learning-enabled applications that connect data and application silos, it provides the agility, security and speed needed to remain competitive and innovative today. All with IntegratedML.

We have a long history as a creative technology partner supporting clinical data strategies and connected health information systems around the world. Our customers find high value in working with us as partners as they create their success, and this is evidenced by our recognition as Gartner’s Peer Insights Customers’ Choice since its inception.

Come talk to us in our virtual booth. We’d love to introduce ourselves and also hear what you are doing and what industry challenges are top of mind for you.